​Trees, Wreaths, swags and Garland

* Available as U-Cut this year

 Easily distinguished by  the sprays of lustrous  needles in two distinct  rows. They are  horizontally spread so  that both the upper and  lower sides of the  branches are clearly  visible. The needles are  glossy green with two  highly visible white lines  on the undersides.

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2019 Prices​


$60 All Trees



 Lighted 14" $40



 We accept all major  credit cards, personal  checks and cash. You can also pay with your smartphone.  Military  and First Responder discount on trees

 Hours: Monday-Thursday by  appointment only.



Grand Fir*​​

​Wreaths, Garland and Swags

all made for you here on our farm.  Custom orders available

  Grand Fir*​​                            Blue Spruce*​​

  Meyers Spruce​​                    Concolor Fir*​​

  Serbian Spruce​                      Balsam Fir

Christmas trees, wreaths, gifts and family fun

Blue Spruce*​​

Garland $3.00  per foot 

Pre-Order only

Basic Swag-$2o

Deluxe Swag-$30


 Buy a tree and a wreath - Get $10 off 

Deluxe Wreath-$50

fully decorated

Basic wreath - $25

Bow of your choice

Lighted Wreath $40

14" wreath, bow, lights, some decorations

 Needles are 1 to

 1- 1/2 inches in  length.  This  Christmas Tree  has  good symmetrical  form and an attractive  blueish-gray foliage.  It  also has good  needle  retention. Some trees look more blue and some look more green.  Needles are firm.