2022 Crew

L-R Carolyn, Ben, Andrew, Derrick, Savannah, Maynard, Keith, Ellie, and Carl

Our farm began here in the beautiful Chattaroy valley in 1973 by Maynard and Carol Gillespie.  They raised their family on the little one acre farm across the field from Carol's parents. More land was purchased from Carol's parents and after retirement, they needed something else to do.

In 2004, after years of working in Spokane, farming, raising horses and a family, Maynard chose to raise Christmas trees.  Maynard (Papa Elf) and Carol learned everything they could to grow and produce the perfect Christmas tree. The first "baby" trees were planted and cultivated in 2005.  Many were also planted by their grandchildren, Tia, Dorian, Ben, Jack and Andrew.

In 2020 Ellie and Carl Miller purchased the farm from her parents and are continuing and expanding the traditions.  We have expanded the farm experience to include a farm animal safari, with miniature horses, standard horses, goats, sheep, chickens, peacocks and who know what will arrive in the future. 

Three generations of the Gillespie and Miller families are working, planting, and grooming trees every year.  Each tree is tended with care. Our trees grow about 1 foot per year and there are several varieties to choose from.  They are planted in the spring, "fed" and watered during the hot summer months, groomed and prepped for your family.  Not every baby tree survives the elements which include heat, freezing temperatures, deer, gophers or something else.  We also replant trees every spring for those chosen to grace your  homes.

We are so grateful you chose us for your visit.  We do love spreading the Christmas Joy

Pictured are L-R Ben, Carl, Andrew, Ellie, Carol, and Maynard